Today is the anniversary of Mary Ann's passing. I cannot believe a year has gone feels like only yesterday our hearts were broken and we were saying our final goodbyes. What a void Mary Ann has left. Every day is a struggle and although you manage, the knowledge that she is no longer there to share in our lives weighs heavily on our souls.

Mary Ann was a gift to all of us! She knew just the right thing to say, at just the right time. She was funny and kind and gave so much of herself to those in need. She was always planning events and exploring life's many wonders. I was lucky enough to share many memories with my sister. Our favorites were walking the beach and lavender picking, going to orient park and summers at the bungalow. Mary Ann was retired and waiting for me to retire with her, we ran out of time though....

I miss her every day, I miss all that we had and all that we could have had. We planted a beautiful flower bush last year and it made it through a brutal winter. There are flowers sprouting now and this beautiful, living thing reminds us of my sister's beautiful living spirit.

Today we will walk the beach. We will walk the path my sister walked every day. To be close to her and cherish the things she loved, the beauty of the sound, the rocks, the rustic nature. We will breathe in the salt air and hopefully find peace in the knowledge that she is home and happy in the soft whisper of the waves on the shore.


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