Final Placement

Final Placement

Your family may request a burial or scattering at a cemetery, or on private land. We can help you make all the necessary arrangements for these types of services.

  • Ceremonies

    Ceremonies and Gatherings

    A traditional funeral ceremony includes a visitation, a formal service at the location of your choice, and transportation to a cemetery. Other public or private gatherings may include a Graveside Service or a Memorial Service, and selecting music.

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  • Memorialization

    Memorialization and Personalizing Services

    There are many ways to keep the memories of your loved one alive, and to create a personal tribute that may be shared with others. We can offer ideas to help your family plan a unique memorialization, such as displaying memorabilia, photographs, and creating memorial folders.

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  • Caring

    Caring For Your Loved One's Remains

    Our experience and professionalism when it comes to transferring, forwarding or receiving remains; embalming; preparation; sheltering; cremation; or immediate burial.

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  • Final Placement

    Final Placement

    Your family may request a burial or scattering at a cemetery, or on private land. We can help you make all the necessary arrangements for these types of services.

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  • Merchandise

    Products and Merchandise

    Hardwood caskets, along with caskets of bronze, copper and steel, offer a wide selection and price range to select from. We also offer all natural caskets certified by the Green Burial Council. Our Casket Selection Room offers each family privacy to make their selection of choice.

    Every cemetery has its own burial requirements. Depending on which cemetery you choose, you may be required to purchase an outer burial container to surround the casket in the grave. These outer containers are often referred to as burial vaults or grave liners. We can help you determine if you will need a vault, and which one is right for you.

    Variety of Memorial Registry Books, Service Folders and Acknowledgement Cards are available that can reflect the life and interests of the deceased.

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  • Transportation

    Transportation Services

    Hearses, limousines and service vehicles are available, based on your family's needs.

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  • Filing and Disbursement

    Cash Disbursements, Filing Services and Benefits Assistance

    For your convenience, we can pay others on your behalf. We can also assist you with certain paperwork, such as filing permits and documents; securing veteran, social security, or insurance benefits (if applicable); handling wills & probates; and obtaining certified copies of the death certificate.

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  • Catering


    Let us offer catering services to the party of people that attend the funeral in your time of needs so you may have little to worry about.

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  • Green Burials

    Green Burial

    Simple and natural. Green burial, or natural burial, ensure the burial site remains as natural as possible in all respects. Interment of the bodies is done in a bio-degradable casket, shroud, or a favorite blanket. No embalming fluid, no concrete vaults.

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  • Flowers Arrangements

    Flowers and Arrangements

    Let us create a lovely display of blooms and greenery that will show your devotion and honor the departed. We offer a wide selection of sympathy flowers and funeral flowers that can express warm feelings, and celebrate a life well-lived. Whether you require a resplendent display of funeral flowers in the form of an elegant funeral wreath or standing funeral spray, a basket of sympathy plants to offer condolences – or you’d simply like to order funeral flowers online.

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  • Military Funeral Honors

    Military Funeral Honor

    The rendering of the Military Funeral is a way to show the Nation's deep gratitude to those who, in times of war and peace have faithfully defended our country. Services for Military Honor include flag folding, playing of Taps, and flag presentation.

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  • Firematic Services

    Firematic Services

    To honor the men and woman who bravely fought everyday to save the lives of people in trouble.

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  • Burial at Sea

    Burial at Sea

    Burial at sea dates back thousands of years. A final disposition with the ocean's elements has been a traditional desire of many. The eternal cycles of the ocean's water, the conservation of the land space as well as the shortage of cemetery plots are all reasons cited for selecting sea scattering. Most of families just love the ocean, and can find no better final disposition for their earthly remains.

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  • Video Tributes

    Video Tributes

    Video Tributes may consist of a collection of digital photos and pictures. We creatively blend your material with music to tell the story of someone special in your life.

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  • Bagpiper


    Our professional funeral bagpiping service is a fitting way to provide an emotional and meaningful send off for a departed loved one. For centuries bagpipers have been used at military and state funerals. It is now becoming a more popular feature of everyday funerals.

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  • Dove Release

    Dove Release

    White funeral doves have been used in ceremonies throughout history. We can help you arrange a loving final tribute to your loved one. We will work with you to ensure a memorable, touching addition to your service. A short inspirational reading can be done just before the doves are released. This is a symbolic and memorable way to help you to say goodbye.

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  • Graveside / Over Flow Tents

    Graveside / Over Flow Tents

    If you are concern about the chance of inclement weather the day of the funeral we can arrange for a tent rental which will bring you peace of mind. For large services we can arrange for an overflow tent to keep you guest out of the elements.

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